Thursday: Both sides of Calabria in one day

Both sides of Calabria in one day

One mountain, two seas, two landscapes with completely different vegetation, two worlds and two hikes to see and experience a lot of Aspromonte in one day! Our first hike leads us through the lush green vegetation of the Tyrrhenian side to one of the more than 500 waterfalls in the Aspromonte, which plummet to the valley via rocks, some of which are more than 500 million years old. If you are not afraid of the cold water, you can take a refreshing bath under the waterfall. After a short drive over the main ridge, our second hike begins through the barren and dry landscape of the Ionian side and takes us to the summit of Monte Tre Pizzi, from where we enjoy a unique view of the high peaks of the Aspromonte and onto the coast until the Ionian Sea.

Duration: about 4 hours, Elevation gain: 400 m