Trans-Aspromonte Trek

20th – 27th June 2020          16th – 23rd September 2020

 In 5 days from sea to sea:

Trans-Aspromonte Trek


No other trek can offer you such a diversity of landscape in only five days! It leads for over 90 km across the Aspromonte National Park from the Ionian to the Tyrrhenian Sea, through valleys with huge bizarre monoliths, almost desiccated gravel river beds and wild rocky landscapes, up to nearly two thousand meter high mountain peaks and through lush beech forests with small torrents to the ski resort Gambarie, to reach finally, with breathtaking views onto the Strait of Messina and the volcano Etna, Reggio, the largest city in Calabria. And it passes through all the geological units of the Aspromonte Geopark. Because the Aspromonte has a very interesting geological history, as it is a mountain range of alpine origin, a small piece of the Alps, which has drifted southwards over millions of years, and stopped exactly in the center of the Mediterranean Sea. It consists of thousands of valleys and ridges, some of which are so inaccessible that no human has ever set foot on it. Countless rivers rush to the valley in over 500 waterfalls and flow towards the sea, through partly arid, partly lush green landscapes. And every visitor is at the same time confused and fascinated by the many differently shaped landscapes, he in only a few kilometers of hike.



Transfer to Natile Vecchio, the starting point of our trek, dinner and overnight stay in private accommodation.


Stage 1: In the Valley of the Big Stones

Wind and water have formed and washed out the once contiguous conglomerate layer that covers the Aspromonte, making it a unique landscape with numerous giant monoliths. We meet the Rocche di San Pietro, which once sheltered Basilian monks, circle Pietra Cappa, the largest monolith in Europe and symbol of the Aspromonte Geopark, and scale Pietra Castello, on whose top we find the remains of an ancient fortification. Our day ends in the village of San Luca, where we have dinner and spend the night in private accommodation.

Hiking time: approx. 7 hours

Distance: 16 km

Altitude difference: 600 m up, 600 m down


Stage 2: Towards Polsi, the spiritual center of the Aspromonte

At today’s stage, the way and the goal excel each other in fascination! We immerse into the world of a Fiumara with its wide, nearly dry gravel river bed, wich is typical for this area but unique in the world. In 1973, a rockfall has created a natural dam reservoir, which has filled up with sediments over time and has almost completely disappeared in 2009. But when you close your eyes, it seems like you still had the mirror-smooth, emerald-colored water surface in front of you. Our way leads us through the probably oldest holm oak forest in the Aspromonte. In this fairytale setting, we find mylonites, rocks that testify to the tremendous forces this piece of earth crust was exposed to when it was formed. The goal is the “Santuario della Madonna di Polsi”, the main sanctuary in the Aspromonte, which is penned in a valley and almost completely cut off from the outside world. Here the inhabitants of Aspromonte make a pilgrimage on 2nd of September to honor their Madonna della Montagna. Dinner and overnight stay at the pilgrim’s lodgings.

Hiking time: approx. 6 hours

Distance: 15 km

Altitude difference: 730 m up, 110 m down



Stage 3: On the top of the Aspromonte

The big day of the crossing is here! Our route leads from the Ionian side over the highest peak in the Aspromonte, the Montalto with its 1956 m a.s.l., to the Tyrrhenian side. During the ascent, we once again enjoy the magnificent view of the Ionian Sea and the wild, barren landscape, take a last look at the monoliths in the Valley of the big Stones and marvel at the constant change of vegetation. The Macchia Mediterranea gives way to large pines and finally the beech forest begins. And then comes the big moment: we reach the top of Montalto! When the weather is clear, it offers an almost indescribable view of both seas at the same time, the main ridge in the north, Etna in the south and sometimes even the Aeolian Islands in the west. From now on it is almost all downhill through lush green beech forests, which now and then provide a last glimpse of the Ionian side. Dinner and overnight stay in the Biancospino hut.

Hiking time: approx. 7 hours

Distance: 18 km

Altitude difference: 1100 m up, 650 m down



Stage 4: Through the immense beech forests of the Tyrrhenian side

Forest means life! The forest has always provided people with everything they needed to survive: oxygen, food, shelter, building materials and fuel. This experience is deeply rooted in our genes and responsible for making us feel secure in the forest. Today’s stage is a veritable “forest bath” and leads us through the lush green of the beeches and silver firs over happy babbling torrents up to the ski resort Gambarie, where we can enjoy the magic of the sunset over the Strait of Messina. Dinner and overnight stay in hotel.

Hiking time: approx. 6 hours

Distance: 16 km

Altitude difference: 200 m uphill, 200 m downhill



Stage 5: Towards the Strait of Messina

Verticality and panorama mark the last stage of the trek. It goes steadily down, first in the forest and then over the countless sea terraces, which have arisen when the Aspromonte emerged from the sea about 2 million years ago, towards the Strait of Messina, with Reggio deep below us and Sicily with the all towering Etna within reach. The dreamlike hiking trail leads practically into the city. Dinner and overnight stay in B&B.

Hiking time: approx. 8 hours

Distance: 30 km

Altitude difference: 1300 m downhill



Day at leisure

What can it be today? A visit to the National Archaeological Museum to admire the famous bronze warriors, shopping, a walk on the beach promenade, an ice cream or a train ride to the picturesque fishing village of Scilla for strolling and swimming? You have the agony of choice! Dinner and overnight stay in B&B.



Transfer to Lamezia Terme airport and departure



  • Official National Park Guide
  • 7 nights incl. Half board (private accommodation, pilgrim accommodation, mountain hut, hotel and B&B)
  • 5-day trek according to the program
  • 5 picnics during the hikes
  • Baggage transport and assistance during the hikes
  • Transfer from/to Lamezia Terme Airport



  • € 900,00 per person