Culinary Voyages of Discovery

Calabria offers not only breathtaking scenery, but also countless culinary specialities. And of course, we allow ourselves to be seduced!

Whether it is at a picnic in the middle of the forest, at a leisurely dinner in one of our accomodations or at a lunch in a typical restaurant, everyting is on the table, comes from the immediate area. And naturally a good glass of wine can not be missing.

Let your hiking week become an enogastronomic experience and enjoy Calabria with all your senses!

Have you ever eaten oranges, lemons and figs directly from the tree and smelled a bergamot?

We try various tipes of sheep’s and goat’s cheese, and fresh ricotta directly from the shepherds.

We taste numerous sausage specialities going from all mild to the fiery ‘Nduja and test how much Peperoncino we can tolerate.

We indulge ourselves with homemade pasta, the Fileja and freshly prepared vegetables, eat olives in all variations and taste gelato and sweet little Mignon, that lure so colorful.


Each of our hiking tours is at the same time a culinary voyage of discovery!