Aspromonte-Nationalpark: Aspromonte total

16th – 23rd May 2020

 The Wild Hiking Week in the Aspromonte National Park

“Aspromonte in total”


Aspromonte – a mountain massive in the middle of the sea, whose highest peak reaches nearly 2000 m, the diversity of the landscape and the history of the many peoples who have left their mark – all that has to be discovered. The journey begins at the southernmost tip with almost dry river beds and Greek villages and leads through beech forests and jungle-like vegetation to hidden waterfalls and through deep gorges and wild landscapes to barren mountain peaks that offer wonderful panoramic views – Aspromonte in total!

Our hikes last between 2.5 and 5 hours and allow us a new piece of the scenic diversity in Aspromonte every day. With an official national park guide, you will not only discover nature, but also learn a lot about the cultural life and traditions of Calabria. We use two agritourism establishments as accommodation.


1st day: Arrival

Arrival at the airport and drive south to the extreme tip of Italy. Here we get our first accommodation in an agritourism farm in the area where the old people still speak Greek today.


2nd day: Monte Cerasia

We drive to the village of Staiti, which seems to be glued to the mountain slope, start at over 500 m above sea level and come on comfortable, wide paths for once a bit higher, namely to the top of Monte Cerasia at 1013 m above sea level, which offers, in clear weather, an almost incredible view of the southern tip of Calabria, Sicily, the Etna, the rocks of Bova and Pentidattilo and the surrounding mountains. A nice picnic area is ideal for a rest and lunch. (Hike time: 4,5 hours, elevation gain: 450 m)


3rd day: The Amendolea River

From a bergamot plantation in Amendolea we descend into the river bed and hike upstream through an impressive stone desert. A narrow goat path leads us to the remote village of Gallicianò, which today has only around 40 inhabitants. At a typical lunch we let ourselves be spoiled again, visit the ethnographic museum, the orthodox church and enjoy breathtaking views. And back it goes down on goat paths. (Hike time: 5,5 hours, elevation gain: 500 m)


4th day: The Aspromonte at ist wildest

Today we leave the “Area grecanica” and set off on new adventures. Only the journey to the starting point of our hike is adventurous and leads us into the wildest area of the Aspromonte. The path itself offers continuously beautiful views and is therefore also called the “crest of the gods”. He leads us to the ridges between which the torrents plunge into narrow gorges to the valley until the viewpoint “Croce di dio sia lodato” (cross God be praised), from which we can enjoy a breathtaking panorama of the uniquely rogh nature of the Aspromonte. Then we continue to our second accommodation, an agriturism farm at Ciminà. (Hike time: 4,5 hours, elevation gain: 500 m)


5th day: Nature, Culture and Gastronomy in Gerace – a day for connoisseurs

It is high time to enjoy a little bit of culture and tranquility with a visit to the town of Gerace, which is one of the most beautiful old towns in Southern Italy and has got an interesting history in addition to many picturesque alleys. After lunch, we take a short hike near Gerace, where we can enjoy wonderful perspectives from.


6th day: Bathing under the waterfall and a unique summit experience

Today we want to dare over the main ridge to the Tyrrhenian side and take a look at the large beech forest. Our first hike takes us through lush, almost jungle-like vegetation to the Galasia waterfalls, where brave hikers can also take a dip. On the way back we tackle our second hike, which will take us to the top of the Tre Pizzi in less than one hour, from where we can enjoy a wonderful 360-degree panoramic view of the Ionian coast and the city of Gerace. (Hike time: 4 hours, elevation gain: 400 m)


7th day: The Valley of the Big Stones

Our today’s hike starts a few kilometers south of our accommodation, in a small village and leads up to pastures and around Pietra Cappa, the most spectacular monolith in the “Valley of the Big Stones” and the largest in Europe. During the hike we come across special rock formations that were once hollowed out by Basilian monks and used as a refuge, known under the name “Rocche di San Pietro”. The area is not only extremely mystical and surrounded by legends, but also geologically very interesting. (Hike time: 4,5 hours, elevation gian: 420 m)


8th day: Departure

Transfer to Lamezia Terme Airport and departure.



  • 7 nights in two agritourism farms incl. half-board and picnic for lunch
  • 6 hikes as described in the programme
  • Transfer from/to Lamezia Terme Airport and during the hikes
  • Official English speaking National Park Guide
  • Small group with 4 – 15 persons


  • € 870,00 per person in double room
  • € 975,00 per person in single room