May I introduce myself?

May I introduce myself?
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My name is Sabine Ment.
Even as a child I was sure to have been born in the wrong place, in Switzerland, a landlocked country.
My dream was to live by the sea and my career aspiration "something with languages". This was my answer when adults asked me what I wanted to be in the future.

My Italian studies and a year abroad in Sicily led me finally a good twenty years ago to my adopted home in Calabria.

But Calabria is not just sun, sea and beach, and I soon got to know and love the inland region with its wild beauty and welcoming people. Since 2005 I lead interested guests in large and small groups off the beaten tourist paths high above the sea or through the midst of the beautiful and fascinating mountain scenery of Calabria.

In 2008 I have completed a 600 hours of training for ecotourism guide and I am a member of the AIGAE (Association of Italian Hiking Guides)

My passion are not just hidden hidden paths in the mountains, but the dialects of Calabria and Greek and Arbereshe, those languages which are still spoken by minorities in the extreme south and the extreme north of Calabria.

And so you will get during our hikes not only to places you never would have found yourself, but you will also learn a lot about their meaning and about people inhabiting them.



Sabine Ment

Guida turistico-ambientale

Via Vittorio Emanuele 163, I-89862 Brattirņ, P.IVA 02251400798

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