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We organize hiking holidays, trekking and excursions from 1 to 15 days for groups from 2 to 50 people.

And for all those who prefer to discover the mountain world individually, there is our Hiking Week "Aspromonte National Park on your own."



A different way to explore Calabria.

Swim, hike, enjoy, relax and unwind. Gather impressions. Get to know people and their culture and traditions.

Hiking and thereby follow your own pace, listening to nature in its slow and perpetual rythm and watching it, traveling by foot and at the same time discovering pathless places and forgotten realities in the heart of the Mediterranean: that is our proposal.

sondern gleichzeitig auch über eine unwegsame, nahezu unberührte Bergwelt mit Erhebungen von über 2000 m Höhe und eine faszinierend vielseitige Landschaft. Calabria has not only more than 700 km of coastline, but also impervious and nearly pristine mountains with elevations of more than 2000 m above sea level and a fascinating  and varied landscape.




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