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Travelling in small groups means to experience another culture first-hand, to meet people, communicate with them and to enrich each other.
Travelling in small groups means to learn and to scrutinize, to gain many insights, to try new things, to experience respect and deal respectfully with people and culture, to be a simple traveler off the flow of tourists.

Many of my hiking tours start at 2 persons and from 4 participants, I offer you a hiking week according to your individual wishes. Just ask for!

As well I also accompany large groups, then of course in a team. A driver with a bus for 15, 20, 40 or 50 persons, as well as a second hiking guide, who holds together the group, conjures a wonderful picnic in nature and sometimes carries a to heavy backpack are of valuable assistance.
If you have travel plans for your friends, your hiking group, your alpiniste or other club, so I consult you in a individual and versatile way.
My programmes are coordinated flexibly and individually to the wishes and needs of each group. They go from hiking and trekking to cultural, enogastronomic and other thematic trips.



Sabine Ment

Guida turistico-ambientale

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